How Macs get Malware

In this installed episode of the Exploring Information Security podcast, Wes Widner joins me to discuss how Macs get malware.

Wes (@kai5263499) spoke about this topic at BSides Hunstville this year. I was fascinated by it and decided to invite Wes on. Mac malware is a bit of an interest for Wes. He's done a lot of research on it. His talk walks through the history of malware on Macs. For Apple fan boys, Macs are still one of the more safer options in the personal computer market. That is changing though. Macs because of their increased market share are getting targeted more and more. We discuss some pretty nifty tools that will help with fending off that nasty malware. Little Snitch is one of those tools. Some malware actively avoids the application. Tune in for some more useful information.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Macs get malware
  • What got Wes into Mac malware
  • The history of Mac malware
  • What people can do to protect against Mac Malware

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