Who is looking for more in infosec - Feb 27, 2017

In this job posting edition of the Exploring Information Security podcast, who is looking for more in infosec?

This is a bonus episode of the podcast. This is a solo podcast where I discuss open positions and people looking for opportunities. I plan to do these based on demand. If you would like to submit a position you are looking to fill or looking for an opportunity send me an email timothy.deblock[at]gmail[dot]com or hit me up on Twitter @TimothyDeBlock.

Employers looking to fill a role

Sr. Splunk Admin - Premise Health

  • Splunk experience a plus
  • SIEM experience and management is required
  • Must live in Nashville, TN, or be willing to relocate

Jr. Pen Tester - Premise Health

  • Testing experience a plus
  • Familiarity with testing tools
  • Must live in Nashville, TN, or be willing to relocate

Sr. Endpoint Security Consultant - Optiv

  • Focus on Carbon Black
  • Optiv's Architecture & Implementation Services
  • Location anywhere
  • 50% travel time
  • Fill out position or contact Brad Pace (brad.pace[at]gmail[dot]com)

Quicken Loans

Multiple positions open at Quicken Loans as we continue to mature our information security team. All positions would require relocation to the metro Detroit area, no remote opportunities unfortunately. Great team of people, great company culture and atmosphere. At the end of the day the positions are what you make them. - Robert Knapp @power_napz or robertknapp[at]quickenloans[dot]com


People looking for an opportunity

Joshua Ovalle - Resume

Type of work: Entry level

Interested Areas:
I have been interested in the idea of breaking down and building up security networks and things of that sort. I had always pictured hacking as something fun and challenging. Challenging things are what really get me involved more deeply in my work.

Navy Aviation Electronics Technician. My experiences are with mostly physical maintenance (wire running, electronic testing, circuit card installation/testing and software instillation. I am also familiar with Microsoft computers and Apple products.

Community Contribution:
I have recently started dedicating time to a prison ministry at my church spending time with the children of men and women who are incarcerated by teaching and playing sports with them.

I graduated high school in 2009 and went to college for 2 semesters until I decided to join the military.

Willing to Relocate:
I am currently in San Diego, and with a new born i don't know if i could relocate any time soon.

Coding Experience:
I don't have any experience with coding, but I am willing to learn it.

How to contact:
email: jgovalle[at]gmail[dot]com

Again if you are looking to fill a role or looking for an opportunity email me timothy.deblock[at]gmail[dot]com