About Me


My journey into technology started when I joined the United States Navy in 2001 as an electronics technician. My responsibilities in the Navy included anything technology related. From communications equipment to computers, and beyond. I ran network lines, made a 50 foot hand piece extension for a radio, resolved computer issues, moved phone lines, got 2M and 3M certifications, went to class with Navy Seals, fought the Canadian army in a game of laser tag, taught Navy Core Values, learned how to rebuild a server after a hardware failure and no backups, moved multi-million dollar equipment as a forklift operator, and conducted physical training for the command (swimmers were my favorite). I had a lot of fun in the Navy and along the way gained a lot of valuable experience and work ethic.

After getting out I started my climb up the IT ladder. I spent time pulling cable and inventorying electronic equipment for various organizations via a IT staffing agency. I switched to a new agency and became a level two system analyst at a manufacturing plant. There I refined my computer troubleshooting skills and took on some new challenges like setting up a receipt system for tool readings. I eventually landed with the state of South Carolina in a network and system administrator role. There I discovered an interest in security and building out or improving existing technologies. From there, I accepting a position as an information security officer for another state agency. There I helped implement and improve security measures and programs including. Getting the HR director to yell "It's a trap!" into the phone after a presentation on phishing emails and integrating security into the SDLC are two of my highlights. I've since moved to the states security operations center. There I'm learning about SIEM technology and how to look for malicious adversaries.



I love producing podcasts and photography.

I have over 200 hours of baseball podcast content at the Crawfish Boxes. I've since moved on to producing podcast for the infosec community. I currently produce the PVC Security podcast with co-host Ed Rojas, Paul Jorgensen, and friends. I also produce my own podcast the Exploring Information Security podcast. Each week I interview a different professional on an infosec-related topic.

I've been taking pictures ever since my digital imaging semester in college. I've shot a lot of baseball events and church functions. More recently I've been taking pictures at security conferences. Check out the gallery for my work.