CSO panel and thoughts on Cardinals-Astros breach

Last month I participated on a panel for CSO on, "The pathway to the security talent we crave." The audio and transcript from that panel is up for those who have a free account with CSO.

Former St. Louis Cardinals employee, Chris Correa, was in court for his unauthorized access of the Houston Astros database, Ground Control, on Friday. I read through the five-page indictment and shared my thoughts on Astros County in regards to how the breach occurred.

Thoughts on the Houston Astros data breach

I have a good reason for not having my usual link post up this morning. Yesterday I found out that the Houston Astros, the team I root for on a daily basis, had a data breach. Some of the data taken, made it's way onto Anonbin, so last night I spend five hours putting together 1775 words on the data breach over at The Crawfish Boxes. When I was done, the motivation to write was almost completely gone for me.

Be sure to check my post over there, and be sure to check back tomorrow for my regularly scheduled link post AND a new episode of the Exploring Information Security Podcast.