CircleCityCon gallery is up and bonus GIFs

All the CircleCityCon pictures are now available on Flickr.

Below are some GIFs I made from the pictures I took.

DJ Rance giving CircleCityCon attendees something to bounce to.


Who's behind the mask?

Here's the ladies of CircleCityCon having some fun during their "photo shoot."

Media arts internship March 7 - 8, 2015

March 7

I created and scheduled the post for this weeks podcast recording and refined the show notes. I got permission from one band to use their music for the shows intro and outro. I planning on instituting the new music once the regular season starts.

I also started work on putting together a GIF of Dallas Keuchel frame by frame. I’m about 29 frames through and I’m still not sure if this GIF will work or not. I may be short some frames but I’ll make it work.

March 8

I finished putting together the Dallas Keuchel GIF and will release a post on it later this week. I also updated the bracket for our March Madness tournament which completed it’s first round on Sunday. 

Sunday night I prepared and recorded our podcast for the week.

Media arts internship February 19, 2015

I performed the a live tweet session of Mike Scott’s no-hitter that clinched the Astros the division in 1986 on Twitter. I have the game on DVD, so I logged onto Twitter and gave a play-by-play of the game via Twitter. I included screenshots and GIFs of the game. This is something we did last year that a lot of people seemed to enjoy and that continued this year. I had several people tweet at me indicating that they enjoyed the tweets I produced during the game. I discovered that lowering the pixels of the GIF allowed me to get it posted on Twitter instead of just a link. Here are some examples of the GIFs and screenshots I included in the session:

Media arts internship February 18, 2015

Ryan our graphics designed decided to go ahead and make a graphic for the March Madness logo. I decided that we needed to keep some consistency with the logo so I took out the words and site logo on the one I created and added the word part of his graphic to my background. He really does an excellent job so it only improves upon my graphic, which is fine with me. He also made a generic logo for Spring Training. I took that logo and added it to the bottom left corner of my Spring Training Roster infographic. Here’s what we’ve got for logos now:

I was also asked to make some GIFs for a future article. This is what I made:

Colby Rasmus home run vs. Edison Volquez

Colby Rasmus home run vs. Ubaldo Jimenez

Colby Rasmus home run vs. Ubaldo Jimenez take 2

Colby Rasmus home run vs Gerritt Cole

I’m really starting to like the jump cuts to different angles. I used to do just a single swing, but I think these are better for analysis and make the GIFs more interesting to watch.

Media arts internship January 21, 2015

I spent an hour tonight listening to the second hour of our Top 30 podcast special from last year and pulled a few more soundbites to use in the review audio. While I was listening to that I created some GIFs that a writer on staff intends to use for some analysis. Then I began some preliminary work on my Top 30 prospect infographic that will be released the Friday after we record our prospect special. After starting that I realized I probably need to get the post together and scheduled for Saturday’s event.

To avoid making this post completely devoid of anything interesting, here is recently signed Astros reliever Pat Neshek getting Yasiel Puig to pop out to second base.