Media arts internship March 28 - April 2, 2015

Hasn't really been anything exciting to make a single post out of what I'm doing for my internship, but I am very close to the end. I should finish my hours this weekend, which is very exciting.

March 28, 2015

Prepared for the podcast by reading articles and researching topic ideas, while refining the notes for the show.

March 29, 2015

Researched several topic ideas and finalized the podcast notes. Recorded the podcast and then created a post for the updated Astros Spring Training Roster infographic.

March 30, 2015

Edited the podcast and began preparing for the new music we’ll be using in the show. Updated the Spring Training roster infographic and started working on the second soundscape I plan to release.

March 31, 2015

Updated the March Madness tournament bracket and created an impromptu post about one of the Astros prospects that we got the pleasure of seeing in Florida that featured a picture and some sound.

I finished putting the soundscape together, now I just need to go back through and edit.

April 2, 2015

I finished the soundscape and created the post for it.

Media arts internship March 20 - 22, 2015

March 20

I began going through the audio recordings I had taken at Spring Training. I’m editing out any non-baseball sounds that happened during the recordings.

March 21

I created the post for Sunday’s podcast recording then began some preliminary research for the show content. I also listened to a music sample someone sent me for use on the show and responded with some feedback.

March 22

I did research and prepared the show notes for the podcast recording. Then recorded the show. I also updated the Spring Training roster graphic and created a post scheduled to be posted Monday.

Media arts internship January 27, 2015

Tonight I edited and uploaded the third and final hour of audio for our TCB Top 30 Astros Prospect special. I also updated the RSS feed with the information for the second hour, which will release Wednesday. I then started the graphics work on my infographic for our Top 30. This is what I have so far:

I am using a gradient for the background. It starts orange at the top and shifts to blue at the bottom. I added a texture to the background at the suggestion of the graphics artist on staff Ryan Dunsmore. I used a picture of some ground at the Astros Spring Training that my daughter took while we were there last year. I had to duplicate it to get it the full length of the infographic and then drop the opacity. Now that I have the design I just need to fill in the other 24 names, which I plan to work on Wednesday.

Media arts internship January 26, 2015

I edited the second hour of the podcast special recorded Saturday. I also put together posts for the Tuesday and Wednesday release of the first and second hour of the special. I also put together the live post for the podcast recording tonight and updated the podcast show notes. I also found some time to finish grabbing the information I needed for the Top 30 infographic I plan to start work on soon.

An hour prior to the live podcast recording I started setting up my equipment and reading up on a few of the transactions we planned to cover in our show. We recorded our show and then I wrapped up a few things for the Tuesday release of the first hour of our Top 30 podcast special. The XML file for our RSS feed needed to be edited and upload it to the FTP server so the podcast directories could pull the new release information. I also uploaded the first and second hour of the special. The site I use for hosting had been down for a good part of the day, which is why I was uploading the content so late. Usually, that’s something I do when I finish editing.

I'm going to be honest here: I am pretty worn out from the weekend.

Media arts internship January 24 - 25, 2015

We went live at 5 p.m. ET, which meant I got on 4 p.m. ET to start setting up my equipment and going over the shownotes one more time. We use Skype to get everyone on the same call. I use Mixlr to broadcast our recording live and I use Audacity to record the show. My computer’s sound card has a “what you hear” recording feature which allows me to record the audio from my computer. Unfortunately, I can’t record that input and get the microphone on my computer so I conference into Skype via a laptop, with an ATR-2100 USB microphone.

During the hour I go over our show notes and pull up all the resources we’ll need to produce the show. For this particular special we had a spreadsheet of all the Astros prospects graded by our crew and statistical websites. Once I had all that up I pulled up the intro audio and made a few slight adjustments and pre-recorded an introduction to the special that lead into our music.

My co-hosts typically show up anywhere from 10-20 minutes before the show so that we can go over any feedback I had from the last podcast episode and make sure the quality of everyone’s microphone is at a reasonable level. we recorded over three hours of content in three hours and 45 minutes. We had 15 minute breaks built into each hour.

My three co-hosts were much more knowledgeable on the content we were discussing. For the most part my job was to keep the podcast moving so that we could get through 30+ Astros prospects in a three hour time period and start and stop recordings and the live broadcast. After the show I made sure all the edits to the live podcast thread were made. For this particular show we were sharing our top 30 prospect list, so I updated the post with all 30 player grades.

Often times, after recording, I feel like the episodes could have been better, so I typically edit the podcasts a day later to distance myself from those feelings. The next day I listened to the first hour and maybe some small edits, such as taking out people talking over each other, dead space, etc. After I’m done with my edits I export the file as wav file and put it through Levelator2, which is a program that levels out all the levels in the show. Once that’s complete I open the file and edit the meta data to the audio and export it again as a wav file. I then convert it to an MP3 file via iTunes and upload the file.

I ran into a bit of an issue with the upload, though. My hosting was moving to a different service and uploading was unavailable. The first hour doesn’t release until Tuesday so I have some time to work out that issue. I also created the post for the show to be distributed from on our site and made some adjustments to the graphics by adding Hour 1, Hour 2, and Hour 3 to the graphics I intend to use for the post and RSS Feed.

Due to a family issue, I’m having to reschedule our next podcast show for Monday January 26, 2015. I coordinated with my other co-hosts to make sure that time was feasible and put together show notes. Finally, I continued working on the information I’ll need for our Top 30 Astros Prospects graphics set to release on Friday.

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