How to find a mentor

In this advised edition of the Exploring Information Security podcast, I have three guests join me to discuss how to find a mentor.

First up is Wolfgang Goelrich (@jwgoerlich). Wolf provided me with a video he recently did on how to find a mentor for his stuck in traffic series on YouTube. His focus is on what to look for in a mentor and that where we focused in the interview. He's also written about finding and using a mentor on his website.

Next we have Javvad Malik (@J4vv4d). You may no him from his YouTube channel and the wonderful infosec video he posts there. He also recently started doing the weekly infosec update with Alien Vault, titled Alien Eye In The Sky. In our interview we focus on where to look for a mentor.

Finally we have Johnny Xmas (J0hnnyXm4x). Who gave me some feedback that I didn't expect, don't look for a mentor. He thinks mentors can be placed on pedestals. The result of that can mean overlooking the people you already look at as mentors.