What is Emotet?

In this inagural stream of the Exploring Information Security podcast, Daniel Ebbutt and Kyle Andrus join me to talk about Emotet.

Daniel (@notdanielebbutt) and Kyle (@chaoticflaws) are the two guys I go to for clicking on suspicious links. Recently, I’ve been seeing more Emotet. So, I wanted to have the guys on to talk about the malware that is making a comeback.

The CFP is open for Converge Conference. The conference is May 16 and 17. They’ll have one day for blue team topics and one day for red team topics. Make sure to submit your malware related talk topics. Also make sure to check out MiSec if you’re in Michigan.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How is Emotet being constructed

  • What are some of the indicators of Emotet?

  • How Emotet is being mitigated

  • What does Emotet do?